Overview of Kisumu Youth Enterprise Development Programme

By Auki Owuor June 30, 2016, 9:34 p.m. Business

Overall Program description

The goal of this programme is to develop the productive capacity of youths across Kisumu County through the provision of appropriate business and entrepreneurship skills training, business startup enabling environment and financial linkages to enable them access loans to start and run businesses.


The specific objectives for the project are; ? To develop the productive capacity of 7,000 youths through entrepreneurship, leadership and basic business management skills training. ? Build an elaborate mentorship platform that will involve the involvement of the private sector. ? Improving access to business financing among programme beneficiaries ? Build centers of excellence for enterprise development around the county ? Enhancing competitiveness among the youths from Kisumu county For the project to realize its intended purpose, the following activities will be implemented;

1. Training of 7,000 youths on basic business and entrepreneurship. 7,000 youth will be taken through B.E.S.T (Basic Entrepreneurship Skills Training) program, which is a short two weeks’ course offered by KCA University. This program is a practical training whose main deliverable is to help the youth develop bankable business plans, apply the learnt business skills and utilize created/existing opportunities. Teaching business or entrepreneurship in classroom set up alone cannot instil the requisite skills or transform aspiring entrepreneurs into entrepreneurs. 200 youths will be selected from each of the 35 administrative wards based on their interest. The youths will be exposed to an ongoing follow-up training and support from both the public and private sector. The participants will be awarded a B.E.S.T Certificate. The curriculum will cover the following areas;

  • - Business creation (entrepreneurship mind-set, idea generation, opportunity recognition, business planning)

  • - Business development and management (start-up logistics, marketing and business positioning, business financial literacy and basic business leadership and management concepts)

  • - Business growth (Networking, linkages and business growth dynamics)


2. Entrepreneurs Mentorship Program – EMP The programe will involve KCA University, County government and the Kenya National Chambers of Commerce, Kisumu county. It is modeled to enhance personal development and skill acquisition through apprenticeship. The youths going through the programme will be put in support groups and assigned to mentors and business coaches who will be active business men in the community. The platform will be a practical learning extension, whereby existing local success stories and experiences will be used to teach aspiring/young entrepreneurs. Its main resource is the local business community who provide the hands on learning environment. Through this programme, the youth business will be take through acceleration where they will also work closely with business development coaches.




3. Market readiness and access to finances among 7,000 youths in Kisumu County The programme will help the youth structure their businesses in such a way that they will access funding from both government agencies e.gUwezo, Youth Enterprise Fund and other private sector partners. During the training, the youth will be oriented of the financial access model during the financial literacy session. This will also form an important part of the county’s annual investment forum. During the training, the youths are expected to develop bankable business plans for their ideas/startups that will be used to secure financing with the county government guaranteeing the loans for the entrepreneurs. Program Implementation The program will commence with the training of 1000 youths in Seme sub-county from 30th May to 3rd June 2016. The training will be conducted concurrently in all the 5 wards during this period. Depending on the availability of the additional funding Ksh. 10,000,000 (Ten Million shillings) The program will run subsequently in the other sub-counties until late August early September 2016, after which the county together with KCA university will graduate the participants in a graduation ceremony in the Kisumu county Headquarters. Critical Program Success Inputs

  1. Selection criteria for participants - Between 18 – 30 years of age - Resident of the said ward - Interest in entrepreneurship (practicing entrepreneurs will have an added advantage) - 100% availability to complete program (preferably not engaged in employment, if engaged the employer needs to commit leave for 2 weeks) - 200 participants per ward

  2. Training of Facilitators’ program This a facilitators’ training program that is geared to building local facilitators’ capacity to be able to deliver the program as structure. This training will begin 23th to 27th May 2016. 20 local facilitators, 4 per ward, will be recruited based on particular qualities below and will be trained to eventually become county master facilitators for sustainability purposes.

  3. Program Scheduling The program will run for two weeks, full day from 8am – 4pm, Monday to Friday. Below are the details of how the curriculum will be executed. In the afternoon, participants will get to meet various industry experts who would take them through various opportunities. Some of the organizations involved include; KNCCI, Uwezo, AGPO, Youth Fund, KRA, microfinance, banks, cooperatives experts, etc. Program Value adds i) Table banking During the training, the youth will be motivated to form chamas of 10 pax (table banking groups). This chamas will be amalgamated to join a SACCO at the county level. The groups will also be accountability platforms to help the youth engage in business activity. Cooperative officers will be assigned to follow up on these groups to foster growth and development. ii) Entrepreneurs Support Network KCAU will also provide an online platform – Entrepreneurs Support Network which is a model virtual incubator that will incorporate the financial institution partner. The platform will be piloted in Kisumu and all participants will be required to sign up. The platform will assist participants to continue accessing professional assistance from KCA university even after the program. #TransformKisumuChangingLives! #Dispatched by the Ministry of Communication, Information and Technology



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