By mark omondi Sept. 18, 2016, 7:37 a.m. Business

Transparency, accountability ad openness have become the slogans of the market leaders. But on the real look out managers of the crop and factory directors have become to be the most ACTIVE THIEVES.

I took a small outlook on the KTDA an organization which markets the Tea products in Kenya. This Organization has a sole responsibility to pay farmers their dues after they have sold the products. This year’s bonus payments has been sliced by half without an understandable, clear convincing explanation from KTDA.

I took time and visited the KTDA headquarters to seek clarification about this looming crisis in the tea sector, which is the highest contributor to this country’s GDP. The directors told me that tea prices have gone down globally and to preserve cash flow in the industry, farmers will not be receiving their pay as is usually the case every year.

The problem has been blamed on the situation to increased supply and reduced demand in the international markets. To my understanding yes this action best fits the latter from a business perspective, but my expectations are that when tea prices go down globally, then it should cut across the board in the country. For instance farmers in KAKURA TEA FACTORY in KIRINYAGA are earning their bonus at Ksh's 45 per Kg, compared to farmers at GIANCHORE TEA FACTORY in Nyamira County getting it at Ksh's 24 per Kg almost half the price. Then someone preaches for fairness and order!! Now I think we must be feeling the heat of ‘’CHOICES HAVE CONSEQUENCES’’.

The National Government is silent on this because they know they are the main culprits of this crisis. I DARE THE GOVERNMENT to continue with their silence on this and they will soon know how the WRATH Tea farmers unfold in an ugly way. For all those dancing to government narratives moreso in Gusii should come up with an explanation to why all these is happening.

They went to statehouse to look for development for their stomachs and not mwanaichi, then they come back home and tell us to back their loot and tumbocracy. The tears of the suffering poor tea farmers will judge them harshly. Before this, things are not going to be the same, I and some like minded Kenyans are embarking on a regional mobilisation of tea farmers against the NATIONAL GOVERNMENT which loots hand in hand with KTDA. Concerned son of a farmer, Generali Osumo Jnr

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