By Gunia John Oct. 14, 2016, 1:39 p.m. Technology
ECO-LOO is a new toilet technology that seeks to replace the hitherto unsafe pit latrines

A new technology which seeks to revolutionise the toilet system is giving the traditional toilets a run for Their money. 

ECO-LOO, an odorless, sewerage free toilet initiated and designed by Ecoloo Africa Company limited has given school-going children a new lease of life from the hitherto dangerous pit latrines. 

Only recently, the Standard newspaper in their expose, highlighted the sorry state of toilets in public schools. Therefore this innovation has come at the right time. 

Should the initiative be implemented in all public schools, then these problems will be a thing of the past as Eco-loo is durable and doesn't require constant maintenance. It as well eliminates the construction of toilets every time and again. 

Pupils from St Martha Deporcree are already reaping big as the traditional toilets have been phased out. 

"Children no longer go to the pit latrines we have, they'd rather queue to use the Eco-loo, "asserts their head teacher Mrs Bhoda Kasubi. 

The locally assembled toilet consists of an aerobic digester system through which waste is quickly broken down into liquid fertilizer which is odour free, pathogen free, safe and perfect for use in agriculture. The roof is translucent hence no need of lighting and a wind powered fan is fitted to ensure comfort. 

This technology is geared towards addressing the growing concerns about the worrying state of pit latrines. 

"The way it is designed ensure it doesn't get filled and the installation cost although expensive, at sh 95000,is more less the same as the normal toilets. Actually you won't have to construct a toilet every year, "says the Company's Managing Director Ahmed Mahar. 

Nonetheless ;Global Peace Foundation Kenya Country director Daniel Juma said it was important that the initiative be implemented in all schools. He as well promised to partner with Eco-loo company and the Standard Group to ensure that all schools in Ugenya acquire the new toilet technology. 

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