By Auki Owuor March 31, 2018, 11:56 a.m. Politics

I just received a breaking news text in my phone from Nation Media Group that says and I quote "Now Miguna Miguna for the first time, openly blames Raila for allegedly failing to help him return to Kenya; accuses him of dining with his oppressors."

Somehow I knew this was coming. But this is far from the truth.

Raila Odinga is just a citizen like the rest of us. The handshake didn't confer Raila Odinga with any powers over security or immigration. The handshake was a step towards reconciling a deeply divided country.

The handshake was like a marriage that is yet to be consummated. It's now clear that Miguna Miguna's theatrics at JKIA were clearly calculated to scuttle the handshake and embarras Raila Odinga. Images of Raila Odinga running helplessly as Miguna Miguna was being whisked away by security at JKIA are still fresh in our minds. At the age of 73, Raila Odinga didn't have to be doing this. But he chose to.

Yesterday social media was awash with mostly Luo youths pouring vitriol and verbal outrage in response to Raila Odinga's Easter message. They failed to appreciate that the problems facing Miguna Miguna belonged squarely at the door steps of the Internal Security ministry and that only President Kenyatta has the powers to direct his security officials to comply with the court orders on Miguna Miguna's case.

These Luo youths must remember that it's the same Luo youths who bore the brunt of government security crackdown whenever Raila Odinga called for demonstrations and civil protests. They should appreciate that the "painful" handshake shields them from being punching bags whenever there are disputes about electoral justice and democratization. Raila Odinga and President Kenyatta can now have meaningful dialogue to sort out their disagreements without pitting innocent unarmed voters in confrontation with armed security forces.

Regarding Miguna Miguna's citizenship status, our courts had already pronounced itself on that matter. That Miguna Miguna is a Kenyan citizen is not in doubt. What he doesn't have is Kenyan passport which would facilitate his entry through Kenya's international airport as a Kenyan. However it's public knowledge that Miguna being a dual citizen is in possession of another passport which he could have utilized to gain entry into Kenya to enable him apply for a Kenyan passport.

It doesn't make sense that he found it convenient to board his flight to Nairobi using the said Canadian passport and refuse to present the same to Kenyan immigration officials. If he intended to use his Kenyan Identity Card to enter Kenya then he had the option of flying into Uganda and crossing into Kenya via the Busia border.

Did Miguna Miguna expect that CS Matiangi and the immigration officials still reeling from losing his case in court would receive him at JKIA with hugs and kisses accompanied by belly dancers? How naive. His battle would have ended when he finally received his new passport from the Immigration. But before then he should have humbly presented himself to the Kenyan immigration officials with his other travel document for processing then have his day in Kenyan courts to conclude the pending matters.

However by boisterously walking to the Kenyan immigration desk with an ID and refusing to hand in his other passport for processing, Miguna Miguna presented known court order violators with a perfect excuse to deny him entry to his motherland.

He should therefore carry his own cross and stop blaming Raila Odinga for his immigration tribulations.

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