The rise of Raila Odinga from ' suspected coup plotter in 1982' to a co-principal in the ' HANDSHAKE GOV OF KENYA in 2018'

By Auki Owuor June 3, 2018, 5:55 p.m. Opinion
President Kenyatta greeting Hon. Raila Odinga after addressing a news conference at Harambee House in Nairobi, March 9, 2018. /REUTERS

I am keenly following all political moves by H.E Raila Odinga and it seems to me that Raila may become the Kenyan next president after finishing the jubilee government through political diplomacy thus the reason behind the March 9, 2018 handshake.

On this date ( March 9, 2018) at 4.30 am I had just landed at JKIA after being away from Kenya for 7 years and was very busy undergoing clearance at the immigration to enable me catch up with my next flight to Kisumu. On arrival in Kisumu, I got the first breaking news that Raila and Uhuru Kenyatta have agreed to work together through the 'golden handshake' putting the much anticipated March 26, 2018 Miguna Miguna's Lunga Lunga dance into a limbo. I had just arrived in advance to study the peoples' mood on the ground in anticipation of the arrival of Miguna Miguna.

By June 9, 2018 it will be exactly 4 months since the establishment of the 'GOLDEN HANDSHAKE GOVERNMENT in Kenya' by H.E. the People's Republic President Raila Amolo Odinga and H.E. President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta took place. As predicted by some concerned Kenyans the NRMke movement is silently on its death bed as Miguna Miguna continues to remain irrelevant day by day. There is no NRMKe movement without Raila just as it is with the 'HANDSHAKE GOV OF KENYA'.

There is also no NASA without Raila. These are realities that we must agree to live with whether we like it or not. According to the Jubilee supporters and may be Uhuru Kenyatta too, Miguna Miguna is a gone case but according to NASA supporters, Miguna Miguna remains the head of the 'social military' who is just on leave of absence pending the collapse of 'handshake gov' hopefully by 2022 if not sooner.

This is a fact that should be acknowledged by Miguna Miguna and the entire NRMKe brigade.

Uhuru Kenyatta and the entire Mount Kenya business community are afraid of Miguna Miguna to death and this is the reason why Ruto and his URP wing of the Jubilee gov are using Miguna Miguna to scare Uhuru through Sonko.

Of late Uhuru has become a man under siege.He is diplomatically being pushed by Raila on one side and forcefully being pushed by Ruto on the other side.This situation has left president Uhuru Kenyatta confused and the only way to survive through his final term is to listen to what Raila says because of the massive support the Peoples' president H.E. Raila Amollo Odinga enjoys across the country.

Uhuru is desperate from the aggression from Ruto and should Raila abandon him at this time of need he will be finished politically. True to Raila's word to Uhuru at the height of political tension in Kenya just after the 2017 elections and I quote " You can have the crown but not the power" I can see that happening right now...Baba is ever right. Uhuru is the president but does not have power and that is the reason why the likes of Sonko can confidently tell president Uhuru on his face and in public that Miguna Miguna should not be a threat to him. The intention of this was to portray the president as a weakling and the way he responded out of anger actually he is. If I was him I could have avoided that topic to allow time for consultation and respond later after making the right decision that can win the public confidence. He blatantly fell into Ruto's trap. To Raila again this was a confirmation of the commander in chief with the crown but no power. No president in the entire African continent can entertain that kind of nonesense from Sonko.

Nairobi may remain without a deputy governor until the next general elections.This is the reason why Ruto's advisors told Sonko to appoint Miguna Miguna who may not return to the country untill Uhuru's term is over. The appointment of Miguna Miguna to be the deputy governorship position was meant to silence the TNA arm of Jubilee gov to dilute the pressure on Sonko to appoint one of their own to that position.

They can not ask Sonko again to appoint the deputy governor and if they do Sonko will have a ready answer for them. ' I appointed Miguna Miguna and he can not take up the appointment because your president Uhuru Kenyatta does not want him in the country'. At the same time Ruto may not want anyone from defunct TNA to that position for the sake of his 2022 presidential ambition. I see a situation where Uhuru will never talk about the deputy governorship of Nairobi county until his term ends unless he wants to open a can of worms.

When the MPs rejected Monica Juma as the Head of Civil Service & Secretary to the cabinet, Uhuru avoided this topic until 2017 when he conveniently appointed Monica Juma to the position of CS from the position of PS in the foreign affairs ministry.This is the same thing that may happen with the position of Deputy governorship in Nairobi. Sonko and URP wing of the Jubilee gov nominated Miguna Miguna to this position not because they like him but because that was the only solution to settle their discomfort with Uhuru Kenyatta.The cartels at city hall are entirely frustrated, things can not move on bcoz corrupt business deals that were to be cut by Igathe can not be done.This is why NYS scandals have to be exposed in a situation where the two robbers have disagreed over the loot.Each of the robbers are too strong to each other to be eliminated using other means leaving one of them with the only option of playing the card of 'whistle blower'.

Back to my original point. In 2022 there are only 2 options, either Raila becomes the president or let Kenya burn in a way that has never been seen before especially if Raila wins the presidency and the power brokers refuse to let it go.Remember right now everything is in place complete with peoples' blessings to see the son of Adonija become the next president after the current 'ritual cleansing' Raila's rating is really rising as a man who is forgiving and ready to work with anybody for the sake of Kenya and to this end if organizations like Global Peace Foundation can not honor Raila Odinga with an award as a peace maker in Kenya then I don't know who may win such an award in Kenya both presently and in future. I see Raila Odinga winning a Nobel peace prize in future, an idea that I will have to float to the likes of Prof . Makau Mutua to start lobbying.

I have today abandoned NRMke movement but will keep my NRMKe regalia in store just in case they will be needed after the 2022 elections. If Raila becomes the next president of Kenya , then I may consider writing a book on the rise of Raila Amolo Odinga from a suspected coup plotter in 1982 to the 6th president of the republic of Kenya 2022 elections. If he wins and is rigged out as they did in 2017 then my support for NRMKe continues and Miguna Miguna remains my commandant. If none of the 2 happens then it will be time to quit participation in Kenyan politics and concentrate on my life overseas.

Written by Pius Odhiambo.

Researcher, Kenyan Political Affairs, Washington DC, USA

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