Migori MCAs Kick Off Process to Impeach Governor Okoth Obado

By Auki Owuor Sept. 26, 2018, 7:41 a.m. News

Migori members of the county assembly started the process to impeach governor Okoth Obado, who was charged with Sharon Otieno’s murder.

Reports by The Star indicated that 23 out of the 60 MCAs had signed the petition to remove Obado from office on grounds of integrity.

According to the county representatives, Obado had disgraced himself and his position had become untenable.

However, assembly Majority leader Lawrence Onyango defended Obado stating that those scheming to impeach the governor would not succeed.

Onyango stated: "We are aware of those plans but nothing has been presented to the assembly yet. When they do we will deal with it then."

Article 181 of the Constitution provides for the removal of a county governor if the county boss has the gross violation of the Constitution or any other law.

The Constitution also maintains that a governor might be impeached if there are serious reasons to believe that the governor has committed a crime under the national or international law.

Section 33 of the County Governments Act contains the procedure for the removal of a county governor whereby an MCA may present a notice to the speaker and may move a motion for the removal of a Governor under article 181 of the Constitution.

However, the member must be supported by at least a third of all the members of the county assembly to move the motion.

If two-thirds of all the members of the county assembly support and pass the motion to have the county governor impeached, the speaker of the county assembly informs the speaker of the Senate (in writing) about that resolution within two days. If a majority of the members of the Senate vote to uphold the impeachment charge, the governor shall cease to hold office.

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