Relevance Of Social Media Integration In A Website

By Auki Owuor June 27, 2019, 7:48 p.m. Technology

We can’t afford to be ignorant about the role of social media to businesses in this digital era of technology. Social media is controls several activities in our society of today, almost 70% of the population wakes and they consider checking messages and notifications in their social media accounts even before doing anything else.

It is a priority to some and that’s how it has ruined our lives. But as a marketer or a website owner, you have to think of this as an opportunity to market your business and brand.

You should consider integrating social media to your websites to ensure that your content is sharable with the social share buttons. Through this approach, your content and business will be able to reach potential clientele that spends most of their time online.

What Is Social Media?

Social media is a wide collection of powerful communication channels where people collaborate, interact and share contents online.

What Is The Relevance Of Integrating Social Media To A Website?

Extended Business Hours

Social media can help you extend your business hours since there are no restricted working hours you can respond to your clients anywhere or anytime you wish. You can even set automated responders to ensure your customers are engaged with or without your presence. You can also set up automatic daily or weekly post on your social media pages.

Increased Connections

Through social media you will be to reach a larger fraction of the total populations on the internet. You also connect with professionals within your niche and even clients who are searching for your products and services. The legitimacy of you and your brand will be driven by these connections and your website will also gain traffic that comes as a result of the connections.

Higher Conversion Rates

Social media will provide you with a platform to reach a good number of people, through people sharing your contents online. It also improves your visibility to the right audience worldwide and you can leverage your social media strategy to get leads and sales.


Social media marketing is affordable to every business, whether small or big. You can spend very little on social media since, you can even write content that gets attention from people hence, pushing them to press share icon on the website. This will help you reach a good number audiences at a free cost. Again you can share your content through several groups and profiles without spending even a cent.


Have social media share icon on your website to optimize your social media marketing. Subsequently, it will improve the final result of your marketing goal.

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