Possible remedies to the annoying pornographic scam posts on facebook group pages

By Auki Owuor April 23, 2016, 2:43 p.m. Technology

In recent days there has been a lot of pornographic scam posts on almost all group pages in facebook. An investigation done Nyanza Online shows that about 70% of active groups are affected.

Our investigations revealed that these posts are made by some cartel who have been able to hack into individuals accounts.

The most shocking finding is that these individuals some of them pastors cannot tell whether their accounts have been hacked since they are not able to see these dirty posts which appear to be originating from their accounts.

These hackers actually use different ways to trick facebook users and then end up having accessing their accounts.

The following are some of the ways in which they can achieve their objectives and possible solutions to the:

  1. Phishing :
  2. -The first and very basic way of hacking Facebook accounts is via Phishing. Phishing is actually creating fake web pages to steal user’s credentials like email,passwords,phone no,etc.

    Always check the page URL before logging in. This is the most trusted and effective way one can use to avoid himself from phishing.

    Other way is to use some good Antivirus software which will warn you if you visit a harmful phishing page.

    Even if somehow you have already entered your credentials in a phisher, Immediately Change your password.

  3. Keylogging :
  4. This is another good way of hacking Facebook accounts. In this type of attack a hacker simply sends an infected file having keylogger in it to the victim. If the victim executes that file on his pc or phone , whatever he types will be mailed/uploaded to hacker’s server. The advantage of this attack is that the victim won’t know that hacker is getting every Bit of data he is typing. Another big advantage is that hacker will get passwords of all the accounts used on that PC or phone.

    Execute the file only if you trust the sender.

    Use online scanner such as novirusthanks.org

    Use good antivirus and update it regularly .

  5. Sniffing
  6. It consists of stealing session in progress. In this type of attack an attacker makes connection with server and client and relays message between them, making them believe that they are talking to each other directly

    Always use SSL secured connections

    Always keep a look at the url if the http:// is not changed to https:// it means that sniffing is active on your network.

  7. Social Engineering :
  8. This method includes guessing and fooling the clients to give their own passwords. In this type of attack, a hacker sends a fake mail which is very convincing and appealing and asks the user for his password.
    Answering the security questions also lies under this category.

    Never give your password to anyone

    Don’t believe in any sort of emails which asks for your password

  9. Session Hijacking
  10. In a session hijacking attack an attacker steals victims cookies, cookies stores all the necessary logging Information about one’s account, using this info an attacker can easily hack anybody’s account. If you get the cookies of the Victim you can Hack any account the Victim is Logged into i.e. you can hack Facebook, Google, Yahoo.

    Always work on SSL secured connections.

    Always keep a look at the url if the http:// is not changed to https:// it means that sniffing is active on your network.

  11. The most common method these hackers use to trick those using mostly android phones is by creating an android spyware which is then sent to users as some genuine file or an Internet link. By clicking the link, you activate the spyware which will then secretly monitor your activities. They can access your accounts, because most of us don't log them out since we always have our phones with us. Before you realize it, the virus or spyware has Sent messages or posted in many groups.

However, the facebook team has also implemented some security measures to ensure that your account is alwys safe. Change your security settings to ensure you dont end up being embarrassed.change settings so that you will be sent a notification for any posts you are tagged in before it appears on your timeline.

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